"Throw yourself into your work."

I decided to throw myself into my education and work right now. It makes me happy to think about my education and the outcome. Each day brings me one step closer to medical school.  I started kind of dating, and I’m not sure how I feel about it. I fear meeting someone awesome knowing that I’m relocating.   But my greatest fear is losing myself in the person I’m dating. I had a bad habit of doing exactly that, and it cost me time and money.  Right now, I’m all about taking care of business. I will be with someone when the time is right.  I’m trying to get my back to school stuff in order ( I know, I’m an over-achiever) haha. maybe it’s the pre-med or the Virgo, but planning makes me really happy. LAME! 


Buy. Your. Ladies. Tampons.



i dont understand why guys wont buy tampons because:

  1. NO one thinks theyre for you
  2. actually everyone thinks youre the sweetest person ever and there is a 103% chance i will date u
  3. nobody thinks theyre for you calm the fuck down

4. they’ll probably assume you have a girlfriend

I don’t use tampons. But my man can buy me softcup!