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so who’s single and wants to mingle? i’m just saying…

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pequalsmd said: I'm also a doggy mommy, and with medical school on the horizon I FEAR campus living without my doggy baby! (mostly all med school own apts. don't take pets!) My family will take over caring for her, but I will miss her so much. How are you coping? Or does your doggy baby live with you? i'm considering just living off-campus, but that's to future thinking...I guess.


I know!!! I need my baby!! Im planning on moving next year to a pet friendly apartment. I miss him so much!!

thanks for your reply! i will miss my little girl too much. <- see I can spell “too”! my computer is broken so the screen is not working unless I hold it back which makes typing impossible. so bam, typos everywhere lol. my bad! Doggy mommies unite!



Alkanes are one of the simplest of Organic Compounds. They consist of single bonded Carbon and Hydrogen atoms and align themselves linearly unless they’re cyclic or ringed structures. I’m mostly going to be talking about simple linear alkanes in this post.

They’re saturated Hydrocarbons, meaning that they’re saturated or filled with Carbon and Hydrogen atoms. Alkanes can be represented formulaically as CnH2n+2; that is for every n number of carbon atoms there are twice as many hydrogen atoms plus two hydrogen atoms in the molecule. Each carbon atom can contain 3 hydrogen atoms unless its at the start or end of the chain. This simple formula easily allows you to know how many Carbon and Hydrogen atoms in an alkane, granted you know its name or the number of carbons. For example Heptane above has 7 Carbons: Plugging this into the formula we get: C(7)(7*2)+2(H) = 7 C and 16 Hydrogens.

Properties and nomenclature

Alkanes are non-polar molecules and are therefore soluble in non-polar solvents (like attracts like!). The more non-polar a solvent is the greater solubility of an alkane in it. They have low boiling points when compared to polar compounds because they only exhibit weak london dispersion forces between molecules; polar molecules exhibit much stronger dipole-dipole forces or hydrogen bonding. An example of the difference in boiling points between non-polar and polar molecules can be done by comparing Methane (CH4) to Water (H2O); both molecules have similar molecular weights (16 vs 18), but their boiling points are vastly different; Methane boils at -162 degrees C while Water boils at 100 degrees C. That is the power of Dipole-Dipole forces and Hydrogen bonds! In fact in order for an alkane to approach water’s boiling point it needs many carbons in its chain, 7 in fact. Heptane has a boiling point of 98 Degrees C and it has 7 Carbons and many Hydrogen atoms. Low carbon alkanes (Methane - Butane) are gaseous at room temperature; Medium Carbon chains are liquid at room temperature (Pentane to Hexadecane); Heavy Carbon chains are solid at room temperature ( Heptadecane and higher).

Continuous chain alkanes which are linear are named by adding a prefix followed by -ane. These are determined by the amount of Carbon atoms in the molecule. There are unique non-numerical prefixes used from C1 to C4 which are Meth-, Eth-, Prop-, and But-; when you hit 5 carbons it gets easier, all prefixes correspond to greek numerical roots which most people already know; Pent- for 5, Hex- for 6, Hep- for 7, etc. It changes a bit so I’ll list a table below:

Number of Carbons in molecule:   Prefix used:

1                                                     Meth-

2                                                     Eth-

3                                                     Prop-

4                                                     But-

5                                                     Pent-

6                                                     Hex-

7                                                     Hept-

8                                                     Oct-

9                                                     Non-

10                                                   Dec-

11                                                   Undec-

12                                                   Dodec-

13                                                   Tridec-

14                                                   Tetradec-

15                                                   Pentadec-

16                                                   Hexadec-

17                                                   Heptadec-

18                                                   Octadec-

19                                                   Nonadec-

Sources: CHEM 2409 (Organic Chemistry I) notes from BCIT.

when you first open your organic chemistry textbook



An Open Letter to All of You


I want each of you to know something.

You write your own story. You do. No one picks your fate and seals it. No one chooses your actions. You decide what to do and how to feel.

And so it’s important you know:

Deciding to be happy, does not make you a bitch.
Deciding to be honest, does not…

I needed this. Thank you. :-)

iloveicecreamandphotography said: Hey Lady Kay, I was wondering how long you studied for the MCAT and what you used/how you decided to use that? I hope to take the MCAT in January so I would really appreciate any advice!


I studied for about 10 weeks! I used the examkrackers books and I really liked them. I did as many questions as I could so I loved the examkrackers 1001 question books!!

I was really busy when I was studying so I probably only studied an hour or so a day during the week and a couple hours a day on the weekend. I was close to my core classes, so I really focused on things I was weak in! I did almost no work for verbal or o-chem and did TONS in physics because I was weak!!

I think 2-3 months is a good amount of time for most people to study especially if you’re trying to do other classes or work in that time! but obviously everyone needs different things and different focus!

Good luck!!


working on my fitness

I decided to get Focus T25 soon. I’m O-V-E-R Insanity. It was nice, but saw faster results post Insanity AND I have no idea what I actually did…

I’m the kind of person who loses weight via diet. Working out for me just leans me out, but if I want to lose weight- it’s all about diet. So I’m DONE with eating all fatty like I’ve been doing. HIIT is awesome for me. I’m going to sell my Insanity DVD to a friend, if they want it. I’m over it. I know what I need diet wise:

-I  no crazy shit or tons of gym stuff needed. I loathe gyms ( germs…meatheads…and etc).

-I want it to fit my schedule. I don’t have all day to workout. 1-2 hours is too much for me.

-I want it to be stupid easy.

- I want it to WORK.

updates and photos to follow as a werk. Wish me luck, or don’t…whateva.